Lyle Likes Planes

(I’m posting this video and writing this article two months after it went live on YouTube because I’ve been in a weird place.)

Since I do a terrible job of describing exactly what this is, I guess I’ll do it here.

My friend Lyle invited me to go to the airshow at Hill Air Force Base. I had never been, but it’s one of Lyle’s favorite events and with his wife currently very pregnant he had no one to go with. I make it sound like I didn’t want to go, which is not true. I actually really like planes and have wanted to fly one since I was eleven.

However, Lyle has a proper love of planes. A love I only managed to capture bits of on camera.

It was really great Time and I was glad I got spend Time just Lyle and I since that has pretty much never happened.

However, leaving base after the show was over was a harrowing experience. There were a lot of people at this show and trying to get them all out of that base in a speedy and orderly fashion was apparently far too difficult a maneuver for the most powerful military in the world. By the Time we got out we were dying of thirst and quickly sought out the nearest Sonic. Good life decisions.