New Life New Digs

(I’m posting this video and writing this article two months after it went live on YouTube because I’ve been in a weird place.)

So the weird drop off in Time happened.

I moved from New Orleans. My job at Cathedral came to an end because they could no longer pay me. I had given consideration to staying in the city. I had grown very accustomed to the life I had come into there. Ultimately though, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be closer to my family again. I had felt like I was missing out on a wonderful point in the lifetime of my family.

So with a lot of Anna’s help, I packed up all my things, prayed to all the Gods that GEB would survive the FedEx trip, and flew away from New Orleans for the long haul.

Arriving back in the Salt Lake valley, I did not have a job or really anything more than when I left the state in 2009. So I stayed with my parents in the guest bedroom. At the Time I was working on finishing a website a friend and I were working on and told myself that it was more important that true blue job searching. I also stayed at my grandparents’ house for a while and painted their house and patio since I was available and could use the extra cash they offered.

Soon enough I finished working on that site and went to job searching full Time. Which is an awful and debilitating experience. Certainly had some hopeless days. Not so much in that I felt I couldn’t get a job, I’m fairly confident in my skill sets. The hopelessness came from trying to find the right job. I didn’t want another design job having become very tired of the “creative process” of opinion battling. That being said I still wanted to leverage my design experience since that was my strongest asset. But finding something that was more logic than creative, but was enhanced by creative understanding was a tough search.

Finally after about two months, I finally got a bite on an application to manage websites. I bought an expensive suit for the interview in which everyone was much more casual I might add. That weekend I was offered the job. It was really as quick and sudden as that. Suddenly I had a job again. Not just any job either, one that paid better, included oodles of benefits (many I don’t even understand), and had climate control in the office!

Shortly after starting my job there I searched for apartments, which is also an awful and exhausting experience. However, in a much shorter Timeframe I found the place in this video which is in a very nice part of town with lots of things I like nearby.

All in all the new life and new digs are lookin up!