Sam & Aaron on Hiatus

I have been really enjoying working on Sam & Aaron and I’ve been doing my best to optimize my workflow in order to keep the (roughly) weekly pace of uploads.

However, as it happens, I have suddenly found myself unemployed with no warning and only four days until my last paycheck. Which as you can imagine, is quite distinctly inconvenient. I wasn’t laid off for misconduct or anything of that nature. Due to certain shortcomings management simply could not pay me anymore. I could go on about a number things on this subject, but that’s not what this post is for.

The point is that I need to move quickly to pick up my life and get my feet underneath me again with the little Time and resources left to me. For me to do this, I simply cannot devote the necessary hours it takes to continue work on Sam & Aaron. So regrettably, I must put the story on hiatus.

It’s very disappointing to do this, largely because part of my intention with the project was to get me into the rhythm of spending Time on passion projects. Now I have to interrupt that momentum and retool my entire life and workflow. It’s a necessary thing to deal with and I know these things just happen in life, but it’s like sprinting at the sound of the gunshot excited and ready, only to hear a second shot and have to reset because someone had a false start.

Thank you for all the support and kind words I have received about the project so far on Facebook and the like. Those comments and likes have been very invigorating for me knowing that people are enjoying my work on this very personal story of mine. I promise that as soon I’ve got everything back on track, I will be right back at drawing.