Thank you for reading Sam & Aaron.


Creating this story has been an artistic and emotional journey for me and I’d like to thank all those who have supported me throughout the process. I love hearing people’s impressions of the story and would love to have you comment below. You can also let me know on Twitter (@garydoesthings), YouTube, Facebook, and or my blog

Thanks to many excellent people, I was able to raise enough money with a KICKSTARTER campaign to print this story and
send copies to libraries and Pride centers.


  • Madelene Byberg

    This was sweet, and so very normal. I wish it could be like that for everyone, I wish it could have been like that for me. Thank you for sharing it with me. It made me smile. / Madde

  • Rose

    Why does every cute story like this one have to be so sad? And how could you make me cry so much with 12 pages?? Great story though :3 , wished there were more like this one…

  • Buddy Hernandez

    Hello .. I just found Sam Aaron … wow … thank you so much for such a cute and wonderful story. I am very sorry that I missed your kickstarter project ..
    One small question … Is there any chance that you plan on selling copies of the print version? I would love to purchase copies for myself and friends.This is something that they would definitely connect with and appreciate.
    Again .. thank you so very much.

  • dj zd

    Awe reminds me of Robot Dreams

  • Sam